Brexit: British PM Theresa May unveils post-EU plan to change domestic laws

UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday unveiled her most detailed plan yet for leaving the European Union (EU) in a statement released on Sunday. Under the proposed Great Repeal Bill, EU laws that fall underneath the 1972 European Communities Act will be converted into domestic legislation that will come into effect on the day of withdrawal. The government would then be able to amend and repeal individual laws if deemed necessary. David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, said in the statement: “It’s very simple. At the moment we leave, Britain must be back in control. And that means EU law must cease to apply. To ensure continuity, we will take a simple approach. EU law will be transposed into domestic law, wherever practical, on exit day.” The repeal bill is expected to be introduced in April or May by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in a speech addressing Parliament.

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