Investigators suspect new battery flaw in Samsung Note 7

Investigators believe the latest incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 overheating, which prompted a ban on its global sale, may be the result of a flaw different from the one that caused the device’s original recall in September. Preliminary probe suggests there is an issue with the replacement batteries provided by China’s Amperex Technology Ltd. These were supposed to be a safe alternative to those supplied by Samsung SDI Co. that had initially caused the phones to burn and melt, informed a person familiar with discussions between government agencies and the company. Samsung had to abruptly pull the plug on what was supposed to be its premier phone designed to compete against Apple Inc.’s iPhone 7. Before the September 15 recall, there had been 92 reports of Note 7 batteries overheating in the US, with 26 cases causing burns. Samsung and agencies investigating the latest failures are yet to release details on the actual cause.

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