Samsung: Turn off all Note7 phones

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 HARD BREXIT 'COULD COST $80BN A YEAR' A so-called 'hard Brexit' could cost the UK around $80bn a year in lost tax revenues, according to leaked government papers. The Times newspaper reports cabinet ministers are being warned that if Britain leaves Europe's single market and adopts World Trade Organisation rules, economic output could fall between 5.4% and 9.5% within 15 years. But Brexit supporters say the Treasury is continuing to use scare tactics and that these predictions are unrealistic. Reporter Roz Unwin has more. IN: "The draft… OUT: …single market." DUR: 24 seconds Posted by Feature Story News at 8:35 AM Luxembourg PM Proposes 1 Day Border Controls Luxembourg's Prime Minister says European Union states should impose border controls for just 24 hours. He says that would be a terrible shock that would show European citizens the value of being in the visa-free travel Schengen Area. Our Europe Correspondent Kevin Ozebek has more from Brussels. IN: Prime Minister… OUT: Standard Out DUR: 37 seconds 938: AIR: ARN: FM4: GENERIC: ICRT: 11.10 Samsung turns off all Noted7 phones SMF Samsung says all of its Galaxy Note 7 devices should be turned off as it looks into fresh reports of its smartphones catching fire. All sales of the phone have been stopped. This follows Samsung's recall of 2.5 million Note 7s in September after customers complained they were exploding. Samsung later insisted replacement phones were safe. But, new devices have since been reported to have started smoking. Meanwhile, Samsung will fight Apple in United States Supreme Court over patent rights.

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