Twitter to announce job cuts, report says


New Twitter Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey has a plan to increase the company’s efficiency - and it includes some job cuts, according to a person familiar with the matter. The reductions are likely to affect all departments, according to the technology news site Re/code, which reported the news earlier. The San Francisco-based company, with 4,100 employees, has been reorganising its product and engineering departments over the past year, and is starting to release some long-awaited features. Twitter has been criticised by investors and analysts for its lack of urgency in rolling out products that could help address its slowing user growth. Some of the initiatives that have launched haven’t helped. Progress has been hampered by a culture where decisions are made by committee and disagreement over the most important tasks, as well bloated staffing, the person said. Dorsey wants to bring more focus to company teams, he said on October 5, when the board announced he had the job. “There is a huge desire for more efficiency and there’s a huge opportunity to really raise the bar on our execution,”Dorsey said in a call with investors that day. “That’s been my number-one focus.” This doesn’t mean Twitter is halting its hiring of new people. Twitter spokesman Jim Prosser declined to comment on rumor or speculation. “We’re going to make sure that we put extra emphasis on continuing to recruit great people to this company,” Dorsey said. (By Sarah Frier/Bloomberg)

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