Actress Jennifer Hudson wants her new talk show to give guests a platform

American singer and actress Jennifer Hudson this week debuted her own one-hour nationally syndicated talk show, "The Jennifer Hudson Show".

As the youngest woman in history to gain 'EGOT' status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner), Hudson said she is thrilled to share her personality with viewers while highlighting empowering stories.

Hudson - who first rose to fame on singing contest American Idol - will be inviting celebrities, community leaders, social media sensations, musical talents and more to be guests on her show.

She told Reuters that she goes wherever her passion leads her.

"It's brought me to this place and I feel like the timing is perfect," Hudson said. "I've been every character and sang every song. Now, I simply just get to be me, you know? I wanna talk to somebody. I'm so intrigued in meeting people, hearing their stories and their passions."

Along with former The Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producers Mary Connelly, Andy Lassner and Corey Palent, Hudson will serve as an executive producer of her show. The talk show will also be at the same Warner Bros. studio and lot where "Ellen" was taped for 19 years.

Whether it's a talented person she meets on the street or someone who has honed their craft for years, Hudson wants to give people from different walks of life an avenue in every episode.

"It's a place where anyone can come... Someone once gave me a platform, so I wanna do the same. I see talented people every day and it doesn't always mean singing and performing, but I like to help people find these super powers," Hudson said.

The Jennifer Hudson Show premiered September 12 - Hudson's birthday - on Fox TV, Hearst Television and other stations.

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