Jada Pinkett Smith reveals all, ahead of UAE event


Ahead of her book tour in the UAE in November, American actor Jada Pinkett Smith spoke about her equation with "life partner" and actor Will Smith and her connection with rapper Pac Tupac on an exclusive chat on Virgin Radio Dubai.

Her memoir - Worthy: A Journey with Jada Pinkett Smith - was released worldwide on October 17 and touches on various aspects of her life, from her unique childhood experiences to her well-publicised marriage to Will.

Speaking on the Kris Fade Show, Jada reflected on her frequent visits to the UAE and expressed deep affection for the country that she and Will call a "second home".

She also delved into the process of writing her book and acknowledged the difficulties and hard work it involved but adding "it was very therapeutic".

"I decided that it was something that I wanted to share because I feel like our journeys to self-worth are a universal journey. It's like we're all trying to figure out... I really want to share my journey from feeling unlovable to getting to a place of feeling lovable."

Jada added that "life has its challenges (but it is) constantly giving us an opportunity to prepare and strengthen ourselves and find the greatness within ourselves to meet those challenges in a graceful way".

Speaking about Will, after recently making headlines about their seven-year separation, Jada said he's her "life partner", adding her reservations about the word "husband" and the "unrealistic expectations" associated with it. 

While she confessed that there were moments when divorce seemed like a possible path, the infamous Oscar incident, when Will stormed onto the stage and slapped host Chris Rock, became a turning point.

That's when she realised that "there was no divorcing this man. This is my guy".

In fact, it brought them "closer" with Jada explaining how she went to the awards night as "a family member" but left feeling a renewed resolve to to "get through together".

"It's amazing how an event like that can amplify love and connection," she added.

With her book being a no-holds-barred exploration of her life, Jada shared how she braced her family for the whirlwind of headlines and conversations that would likely come once it was released and acknowledged that what she has revealed on Red Table Talk so far "barely scratches the surface". 

During her chat with Virgin Radio Dubai, she also revealed a "secret" about her. "When Pac (Tupac) went to jail, and he was at Rikers, he was in really bad shape, and I had gone to Rikers to go see him. When I got back home, a couple of weeks later, he wrote me a letter and proposed to me.

"He and I never had a romantic relationship. But I think that, because I was a rock in his life, I think at that time, he needed somebody to do time with him. And he needed somebody he could really depend on," she said. 

Jada also touched upon the recent arrest and ongoing trial concerning Tupac's death, saying she "desperately wanted closure".

"I want to know, I want more answers. So when that arrest was made, we've always known that that particular person was in the car when Pac was shot. But now I'm hoping that he has more answers for us."

Jada's book tour will unfold at Abu Dhabi's Etihad Arena on November 6 and Dubai's Coca-Cola Arena a day later.

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