Shania Twain dreams up joyful new music for post-pandemic celebrations


After a life-threatening bout of COVID-19, five-time Grammy winner Shania Twain hopes to bring joy to the world with her new album "Queen of Me".

Like everyone else, the Canadian singer and songwriter was cooped up during the pandemic. But instead of navel-gazing, Twain, 57, said she put herself in a playful frame of mind.

Now, she wants everyone to rejoice with her as the pandemic subsides.

"There's so many things to celebrate right now and we are still in celebration mode. That's the mode I'm in and I sense it with the fans as well," she said.

As an asthmatic, Twain's battle with COVID was bad and developed into pneumonia, she said in an interview with Apple Music 1. "Every day my lungs were filling up with inflammation. Within 12 days, I was pretty much dying."

After recovering, she drew inspiration by recording her new album. Released on February 3, it already has two singles - the line-dancing upbeat country number Giddy Up! and the aspirational and catchy Waking Up Dreaming.

"When I'm getting into the songwriting mode, I'm just dreaming. I'm playing with my imagination, I'm letting it go, I'm in dream mode," she said. "It's my dreams that set my goals."

Twain, who has sold more than 85 million albums, began singing when she was 3-years-old, and by eight played at restaurants to help her family pay the bills.

The country music phenomenon is ready to tour the world with her new album, starting out in Spokane, Washington, in April and finishing in Vancouver, British Columbia, in mid-November.

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