Walt Disney Studios postpones release of 'Snow White' & 'Elio'


Walt Disney Studios on Friday postponed the release of the live-action remake of the animated classic "Snow White" and Pixar Animation's "Elio," citing the impact of the ongoing actors strike.

The studio moved the release of "Snow White," starring Rachel Zegler in the title role, to March 21, 2025, a year later than its original premiere date. The science-fiction animated adventure "Elio," initially slated to reach theatres in March 2024, has been moved to June 13, 2025.

Hollywood film slates have been scrambled due to a work stoppage that began in May when writers walked off the job. In July, they were joined on the picket lines by members of the SAG-AFTRA performers' union.

Writers began returning to work earlier this month after reaching a new three-year contract with the major studios. Actors are still out on strike, effectively stalling much of film and scripted television production.

The labour unrest has also impacted other films.

For instance, Warner Bros delayed the release of its big-budget "Dune" sequel, initially planned for November, to March 2024 because the stars of the film will not be able to promote the movie by next month.

Earlier this week, Paramount Pictures pushed the release date for the next instalment of its "Mission: Impossible" franchise into 2025.

Disney also said "Magazine Dreams," a drama from the company's Searchlight Pictures starring Jonathan Majors, has been removed from the release calendar. The actor is facing assault charges stemming from an alleged domestic dispute. The film was scheduled to premiere on December 8.

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