100 Israeli warplanes take part in the attack on Gaza

AFP / Said Khatib

The Israeli army announced that 100 warplanes were deployed to bomb targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday night.

The statement of the Israeli army came after a night of heavy strikes on the Gaza Strip, which suspended telecommunications and internet services.

Moreover, the cut-off of electricity increased the isolation of the Gaza Strip almost completely.

Hamas confirmed that they were fighting the Israeli attack in the areas of Beit Hanoun and Sharq Al Brij in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

The Red Crescent Society said it had completely lost all communications with its operations room in Gaza as well as its teams working there, while the government run by Hamas in the Gaza Strip announced that the rescue team could not receive emergency calls.

Senior researcher and advocate at Human Rights Watch, Deborah Brown, said in a statement that this interruption of information may be considered "a collective cover for violations of human rights".

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