1,000 people evacuated from Australia's east coast to escape bushfires


Four thousand still remain as military vessels have been helping rescue people from beaches of the town of Mallacoota.

Blazes continue to rage across several states including New South Wales and Victoria where a state of disaster has been declared.

Thousands of tourists have been advised to leave sites, including national parks.

Emergency services say there's 127 fires burning in NSW, with warnings of a fire front stretching 60 to 70 kilometers.

Countries have been offering their assistance. North America has sent close to 100 firefighters to help, while New Zealand has deployed 157 fire staff with plans to send another 22 this week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been considering cancelling his trip to India scheduled for January 13th, due to the fire emergency.

So far this season, bushfires have destroyed more than 10 million acres of bushland and over 1,000 homes.


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