Arab League condemns killing and targeting of civilians in Gaza


The Arab League has called for an immediate halt to the conflict in the Gaza Strip and its surroundings and condemned the killing and targeting of civilians on both sides. 

They have also called for the release of civilians and all prisoners and detainees.

The League Council stressed the need for restraint and warned of the repercussions of the conflict expanding in the region. 

The ministers reiterated the need to lift the siege on Gaza, immediately to allow the entry of humanitarian aid, food and fuel, and cancel Israel’s total blockade of the area. 

The only power plant in Gaza has run out of fuel and stopped working, plunging the area into complete darkness, making it impossible to continue providing all medical services.

International medical non-governmental organisations have warned of the health situation in the Gaza Strip, calling for the opening of a humanitarian corridor to support the medical response.

The latest death toll from the Israeli bombing of Gaza rose to 1,100, and 5,339 people were injured, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. 

The Israeli army announced that the death toll on the Israeli side had risen to 1,200, and more than 3,000 wounded,

Among the dead are 11 UN employees.

The United Nations Security Council will meet on Friday afternoon to discuss the conflict. 

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