Brazil to grant temporary visas, residence permits to Ukrainians


Brazil's government has announced that it will grant temporary visas and residence permits to Ukrainians and stateless people affected by Russia's invasion.

Earlier on Thursday, Reuters reported that Brazil was close to signing off on the measure, citing a source with knowledge of the plan.

The business representative of the Ukrainian embassy in Brasilia, Anatoliy Tkach, said there are already some inquiries from Ukrainians interested in coming to Brazil, although he recognised numbers were small.

"It's not many (people), they are usually family members of the Ukrainians who are already here," he said.

On Monday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had said he would allow Ukrainians to enter Brazil via humanitarian visas. 

Brazil has already adopted similar measures with Haitian immigrants, Syrian refugees and, more recently, Afghans.

Despite the gesture of welcoming the Ukrainians, the president has sought to maintain Brazil's neutrality over Russia's invasion of Ukraine, citing his country's dependence on Russian fertilizers.

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