Four killed in Russian drone strike on Kyiv region


At least four people were killed early on Wednesday in a Russian drone strike near Kyiv which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said showed Moscow was not interested in peace.

The State Emergency Service said on the Telegram messaging app that two dormitories and an educational facility in Rzhyshchiv, 64 km south of the capital, had been partially destroyed in the overnight attack.

Regional police chief Andrii Nebytov said 20 people had been taken to hospital and several were still missing following a series of explosions after 3 a.m. (0100 GMT) that killed four people.

A large part of the top floor of a five-storey dormitory building had been knocked out by the attack. Workers in white helmets and reflective jackets clambered through the rubble of another badly damaged building.

"We see that the enemy has once again attacked civilian infrastructure (and) innocent people have died," Nebytov wrote on Telegram, adding that one of the victims was an ambulance driver who had arrived to help.

State emergency officials said the search for survivors was continuing after attacks that the Ukrainian military said involved Iranian-made Shahed drones.

"Over 20 Iranian murderous drones, plus missiles, numerous shelling incidents, and that's just in one last night of Russian terror against Ukraine," Zelenskiy wrote on Twitter.

"Every time someone tries to hear the word 'peace' in Moscow, another order is given there for such criminal strikes."

The Ukrainian military said it had shot down 16 of the 21 drones launched at Ukraine overnight from the north.

Russia, which invaded Ukraine 13 months ago, did not immediately comment on the latest attacks.

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