Japan lifts tsunami advisory; no significant damage reported

File Photo [For Illustration]

Japan has lifted a tsunami advisory for a wide stretch of coastal regions along Pacific Ocean on Monday after issuing it to the two island areas south of Tokyo.

The advisory was lifted at 0300 GMT Monday, more than five hours after it was announced for islands as far as about 1,000 kilometres south of the nation's capital. No significant damage has been reported, according to media reports.

The advisory came after an earthquake near Torishima Island at 5:25 am (JST), according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. The United States Geological Survey measured a quake in the area with a magnitude of 4.9.

The advisory was in effect as far southwest as the Amami Islands, about 1,500 kilometres from Tokyo, and eastern parts of Chiba prefecture next to the capital city.

The tsunami already arrived in some island areas, which reported waves as high as 60 centimetres, national broadcaster NHK said.

The Izu Islands area, about 100 kilometres south of Tokyo, was the site of an earthquake-triggered tsunami advisory on Thursday.

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