Abu Dhabi: AED 2,000 fine for parking at bus stops

@ITCAbuDhabi/ Twitter

Motorists in Abu Dhabi are being urged not to park their vehicles at bus stops and other areas meant for public transport.

Drivers are also being warned against using the bus stops for picking-up or dropping-off passengers randomly.

According to the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), violators will be fined AED 2,000 as the practice often disrupts traffic flow and increases the risk of accidents.

The authority will be stepping up field inspections and also using smart cameras to spot offenders.

"Drivers who use the side bus stops to pick-up or drop-off passengers randomly would endanger the public, disrupt the traffic flow, cause the buses to run late, make bus trips longer and distort the overall look of the city," the ITC said in a statement.

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