Abu Dhabi steps up safety campaign for delivery riders


Authorities in Abu Dhabi are taking further steps to promote traffic safety awareness among motorcyclists.

The latest awareness drive specifically targets deliverymen employed by restaurants, courier services and other businesses.

The focus is on common violations like speeding, lane indiscipline, wrong overtaking and failure to indicate.

Companies are also being reminded to provide their riders with appropriate safety equipment, while drivers are encouraged to adhere to all preventive measures like avoiding driving in bad weather and not to park on pedestrian crossways and entrances and exits of homes and buildings.

The latest campaign has been launched by the Joint Committee for Traffic Safety in Abu Dhabi, which is led by the Department of Municipalities and Transport and includes Abu Dhabi Police, the Department of Health and the Integrated Transport Centre.

The initiative comes in line with the Vision Zero strategy, which aims to eliminate road fatalities.

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