COVID-19 is not bacterial: UAE authorities dismiss rumour


There’s no truth to social media rumours that COVID-19 is caused by bacteria rather than a virus.

That’s according to the official spokesperson of the UAE’s health sector, who pointed out that all official studies have shown that the disease is caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus.

However, Dr. Farida Al Hosani added that there’s the possibility of COVID-19 complications leading to bacterial infections in some cases.

During a media briefing on Saturday, she also dismissed reports about aspirin being used for treating the disease.

While responding to a question on whether the number of infections are likely to increase following the decision to resume economic activity, Al Hosani said, the decision has been taken following a holistic review of all developments on the ground.

"It is possible the number of infections may increase; it all hinges on how people abide by the precautionary measures. Therefore, the responsibility is collective to ensure public safety and health," she explained.

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