Dubai doctors end man's 12 years of pain

Philip with Dr. Chetan Prakash and Dr. Rahul Shivadey (Supplied)

A resident who suffered from a deformed leg for over a decade is set to make a speedy recovery, thanks to specialists at a private hospital in Dubai.

The man underwent a four hour procedure to realign his knee, allowing him to walk normally again. 

Dr. Rahul Shivadey, one of the specialist orthopaedicians from Zulekha Hospital who treated the patient gives, tells ARN News about the details.

He will have to undergo physiotherapy following the ordeal, but his doctors are optimistic that he'll make a full recovery. 

Dr. Shivadey explains what their plan of action was once they diagnosed him.

The patient has been discharged since and his doctors have described his present condition as 'fantastic.'

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