Dubai Police: AED100,000 fine for illegal fireworks

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Dubai Police has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of fireworks.

The campaign aims to educate the community about the dangers of fireworks and the necessity of their use by professionals, especially during celebrations and special community occasions.

Additionally, the campaign emphasizes the importance of not allowing children and untrained individuals to directly handle fireworks.

Dubai Police noted that improper use could cause permanent disabilities, including loss, amputation, and burns. 

Scientific studies have shown that fireworks cause injuries in 15% of eye-related cases, 16% in the face and ears, 6% in the chest area, 10% in the forearms, 30% in the hands, and 23% in the legs.

The authority also noted that those in illegal possession of fireworks and improper use could face fines up to AED100,000 and imprisonment. 

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