Dubai Taxi fleet expands on strong demand


Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) has beefed up its fleet with 94 new vehicles on the back of growing demand for daily trips.

A total of 445 taxis have now entered service in 2024, expanding the company's fleet to 5,660 vehicles.

The latest addition is expected to boost DTC's market share to 46 per cent, cementing its status as Dubai's leading transport operator.

The fleet expansion will also help drive operational growth and boost shareholder value.

"With the taxi fleet expanding from 5,216 in 2023 to 5,660 at the beginning of 2024, this addition will bolster the company's total revenues for the year. Such growth further solidifies DTC's leading financial position in the Dubai Financial Market, offering attractive returns for investors and increased shareholder value," said Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of DTC.

He added that this expansion will support the company's end goals of advancing and developing the transportation sector in Dubai.


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