Four Dubai neighbourhoods to get new internal roads


Four of Dubai's residential communities, namely Margham, Lahbab, Al Lesaily and Hatta, will get better accessibility under Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) latest road contracts.

The internal road project, which will be completed by the end of 2023, will cover a network totalling 37 km.

It will include road works along a 21km stretch and streetlights for 16km.

Mattar Al Tayer, RTA Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, said it is part of efforts to improve the infrastructure of roads, light and stormwater drainage systems in residential communities.

  • At Margham, the project will cover the construction of roads extending 8 km on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, and will include rainwater drainage networks and streetlights. It will serve more than 1,100 residents of the neighbourhood.
  • At Lahbab, it will include paving roads extending 4 km along with infrastructure works of rainwater drainage and streetlights. It will cover lighting works of the existing streets extending 2 km at the Dubai-Hatta Road beside Lahbab Camels’ Race Track. More than 3,000 residents will benefit from the project.
  • At Al Lesaily, the road network will span 7 km. It will include road works at Saih Assalam near Last Exit and Al Qudra Lake over more than 14 km. It will serve about 2,900 residents
  • At Hatta, the network will cover 2km, specifically at Sa’aeer, Al Salami and Suhaila, and include work on rainwater drainage and streetlights. It will benefit about 6,000 residents.

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