Revealed: Professions with worst reputations in UAE

123 RF / everythingpossible

A new survey from consultancy firm Insight Discovery has found that recruitment companies have the worst rep among residents in the UAE.

It revealed that credit card companies, loan agents and real estate agents don't fare too well in the public eye either.

Respondents said most of those professions can better their image by being more transparent about their fees and commissions.

Nigel Sillitoe, CEO of Insight Discovery, tells ARN News why recruitment companies might have a such a bad reputation. 

Financial advisers were also put to the sword by the results of the new survey. 

Residents said they want more transparency, better regulations and more qualified representatives telling them what to do with their money.

However, Sillitoe says positive changes could be coming to the industry in the near future. 

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