UAE celebrates Emirati Women's Day


The UAE is marking Emirati Women’s Day today in honour of their contributions to the country’s progress.

The annual commemoration was launched in 2015 and celebrations this year are being held under the theme “Women a Symbol of Tolerance".

According to official statistics, women account for 66 per cent of the UAE’s workforce and have a strong presence in various sectors.

The UAE leads Arab countries in terms of gender balance, while it also ranks high globally in terms of gender equality.

In 2015, the UAE launched the National Strategy for Empowerment of Emirati Women that provides a framework for all federal and local government entities, the private sector, as well as civil society organisations, to set plans and provide decent living standards and work for women.

This year’s celebrations coincide with the Federal National Council (FNC) election, in which 50 per cent of the seats will be held by women.


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