UAE doctors remove pin from teen's lung

123 RF / Puwadol Jaturawutthichai

Doctors in Al Ain have saved a 13-year-old girl who swallowed a pin.

The medical team at Al Ain Hospital say the 2.5cm pin had settled inside the walls of one of her lungs near ​​her heart.

However, surgeons were able to successfully remove it using localised anaesthesia without causing any internal bleeding.

“This case was extremely sensitive due to the location of the pin," said Dr. Saber Al-Mishal, Head of the Pulmonology Department.

"Our doctors had to carefully remove the pin without touching the heart or puncturing any veins or arteries that may have caused major internal bleeding. Their steady hands and vast intricacy allowed the young girl to leave the hospital the same day of the procedure."

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