UAE issues statement on developments in Yemen


The UAE has affirmed its right of self-defence against all threats targeting the Arab Coalition forces in Yemen.

In a statement published in the national news agency WAM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation "reaffirms that it will never hesitate to protect the Arab Coalition forces whenever the necessity arises and retains its right of response and self-defence".

Read the full statement here:

"In response to the Yemeni Foreign Ministry's statement, the UAE affirms its right of self-defence against all threats targeting the Arab Coalition forces.

"The recent aggravation in offensives against the Arab Coalition forces and civilians pose a menacing threat to the security of the coalition. This, in turn, has necessitated precise and direct airstrikes on August 28 and 29, against terrorist militias as per the rules of engagement of the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law.

"The military operation against the terrorist militias was based on confirmed field intelligence that they prepared to target the coalition forces - a development which required a preemptive operation to avert any military threat.

"The strikes against the Arab Coalition were launched by armed groups affiliated with terrorist organisations. These armed groups attacked the Arab Coalition at Aden Airport, causing two injuries to the coalition forces.

"Accordingly, the Coalition responded as per their right of self-defence to protect the security of their forces.

"The UAE intelligence departments observed over the past weeks that terrorist cells started to accelerate their activity across Yemeni territories in a way that poses a menacing threat to the strides made by the Arab Coalition to uproot the scourge of terrorism in Yemen. This also threatens the efforts made by the coalition to combat the Houthi militia, which is benefiting from the spread of instability and terrorism.

"The UAE, therefore, expresses deep concern over the current troubling conditions in Yemen in light of the resumption of terrorist offences after the success made by the coalition over the past years to confront terrorism in Yemen, primarily Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is considered among the most dangerous terrorist groups and whose influence has been significantly curbed thanks to the Arab Coalition’s efforts."

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