UAE to find effective climate solutions, say G20 attendees


G20 attendees in India have expressed their delight at the UAE hosting COP28 and say the nation will find effective environmental solutions with its ambitious plans.

Tristen Naylor, Professor of International Politics and History at the University of Cambridge, said the world is eager to see the outcome of the upcoming global climate event, and that all eyes will be on the UAE in the run-up to COP28.

G20 attendees also expressed their confidence in the UAE to make huge strides towards environmental action and praised the nation’s ambitious climate change plans.

Participants at the New Delhi summit noted that the UAE had set in motion its plans, which have raised its global status as a leader capable of finding effective solutions to combat climate change, and was the first country in the Middle East and North Africa region to launch a strategy to achieve net zero by 2050.

Yeshi Seli, Senior Editor at The New Indian Express, stated the UAE is constantly striving to strike a balance between development and environmental sustainability, which is what is expected to prevail at COP28.

She added that the country is among world leaders in environmental protection and the development of natural resources, driven by a vision to create a sustainable climate-proof future, highlighting her confidence that the UAE will make huge strides during the event and its COP28 presidency period.

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