UAE’s new Ministry has its agenda set

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The UAE’s newly-announced Ministry of Possibilities already has its agenda set on the areas it wants to tackle first.

It has been tasked with developing proactive and creative solutions for urgent government issues.

In the initial phase, it will be divided into four different departments focusing on customer service, government procurement, developing Emirati talent and incentivising positive behaviour through a points-based rewards system.

The virtual ministry will work in partnership with public and private entities to achieve its objectives within a specific time frame.

These are the priority areas in the first phase:

Anticipatory services: The Department of Anticipatory Services aims to redefine customer experience in all areas. 

Working with a specialised team drawn from various government entities and experts in data analysis and data privacy, the department will develop a system for anticipating the needs of the public and delivering services to them before they are requested.

The department will conduct research to assess the current state of government service delivery and identify areas of improvement. It will also work on developing ways to embed anticipatory services in all areas of government.

Department of Behavioral Rewards: The Ministry of Possibilities will oversee the Department of Behavioural Rewards in the first phase. The department will bring together a team from different ministries and public entities to develop an approach for incentivising positive behaviour through a point-based “rewards” system. Individuals will be able to collect points that can be used in payments for government services. 

The department will also develop a list of positive behaviours with a measurement system that will calculate points and rewards. It will launch initiatives to reinforce positive behaviour in society and develop a framework to enable government entities to contribute to the list in line with government policies.

Developing Emirati talent: The Department of UAE Talent will create a nurturing environment to empower Emiratis to be part of the country’s development journey and contribute to designing the future. 

The department will develop tools to identify talent of all ages and from all social segments and create innovative channels to enable citizens to develop their skills and talent for the service of their country. It will create a framework for talent development and analysis, create an evaluation mechanism and collaborate with companies to provide the necessary support. 

Government Procurement: The Department of Government Procurement aims to develop a radically new approach for government procurement that will make procurement faster and more accessible, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

It aims to create an easy-to-use government procurement platform based on the latest developments in digital markets that will help promote SMEs and improve government cost-effectiveness. The platform will also update government procurement policies to speed up transactions and improve efficiency.

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