Ramadan Reunion

This Ramadan, we're celebrating the gift of togetherness as we reunite you and YOUR family here in the UAE. 

We're giving away complimentary flights, a premium hotel staycation, and access to extraordinary attractions that make Dubai truly special. Plus, a chance to win more amazing prizes during their stay.

If you have a family member you haven't seen for a long time and would love to bring to Dubai, please register below.


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Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility:

  • The person nominating must be a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Employees of Arabian Radio Network (ARN), Dubai Holding, Brands for Less, Al Rawabi Dairy Company, Danube Properties, Honda, Nezo Salt, Turkish Airlines, JA Hotels and Resorts, and Stu Studios are not eligible to nominate and participate in this campaign.

2. Entry:

  • To enter the competition, participants must fully complete the online registration, nominating an overseas family member they wish to be reunited with here in Dubai.
  • Entrants confirm that all information provided is truthful and accurate and will be disqualified if inconsistent or wrong information is provided to support the reunion competition.

3. Entry Limit:

  • The nominated overseas family member must possess a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity at the time of departing UAE. 
  • The nominated overseas family member must be 18 years and above and be eligible for international travel and have the capacity to travel to UAE alone. 
  • If the nominated overseas family member has a pre-existing medical condition, this has to be disclosed. ARN is not responsible for any medical care for the winner or the nominated family member during the course of the promotion.

4. Prize:

  • Roundtrip air ticket to the UAE for one overseas family member of the winner.
  • Visit/tourist visa for one overseas family member of the winner, if needed to enter UAE.
  • Hotel stay for the nominated overseas family member during the entire trip, which will be for 3 days and 3 nights, depending on the arrival schedule of the overseas family member. 
  • The hotel stay will only be provided from the 3rd of April to the 6th of April 2024.
  • The UAE winner will be allowed to stay in the same room with his/her nominated overseas family member from 4th April to 6th April 2024. 
  • A maximum of 2 people from UAE can stay with their 1 overseas family member ( a total 3 pax for 2 nights per room ) 
  • The itinerary provided includes set times for activities and meals; any expenses incurred outside of this are the winner's responsibility.

5. Winner Selection:

  • All entries will be reviewed by ARN, with winners chosen solely by ARN.
  • Shortlisted winners may be contacted for further verification and a possible recorded interview.
  • ARN reserves the right to use any images of winners, nominees, and overseas family member(s) during and after the promotional period, including during future repeat promotions.

6. Flight Booking:

  • The winner’s overseas family member will be contacted & consulted before flight bookings.
  • Confirmation of flight bookings and submission of required documents must occur within 48 hours. Failure to do so within the time limit mentioned will result in the prize being forfeited and another winner will be selected.
  • The arrival date is fixed, which is 3rd April 2024, with flight times determined by the travel agency in consultation with ARN.
  • The winner’s overseas family member might experience layover time in their journey, with all flights via Turkey as flights are being booked on Turkish Airlines.
  • Airport transfers to the hotel will be provided to the winner’s overseas family member.
  • Once the departure flight is booked, changes or rescheduling are not permitted unless arranged at the winner's expense through the designated travel agency.

7. Visa:

  • Failure to secure a UAE visa will forfeit the prize, and another winner will be selected.
  • The winner’s overseas family member will receive a 14 or 30-day UAE visa and must exit the country before the expiration of the visa. Overstaying will incur fines from the UAE government and may lead to legal action taken by ARN. 

8. Expenses:

  • If the winner’s overseas family member wishes to reschedule the departure trip from UAE, then their credit card details will be requested by the travel agency for guarantee/security purposes.
  • Any additional hotel expenses outside of the deal (e.g. local & international phone calls, laundry, extra bed in the room, etc.) will be borne by the winner and not by the travel agency and/or ARN.
  • The itinerary is fixed. Anything outside of that will be borne by the winner and not by the travel agency and/or ARN.

9. Publicity and Promotion:

  • The winner must consent to publicity photos, videos, interviews, and their use across all ARN on-air and online platforms.

10. ARN General Competition Terms and Conditions:

  • The ARN general competition terms and conditions (found on each ARN radio station website), as well as any specific competition rules, apply.
  • By participating, entrants agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
  • In case of any dispute, ARN's decision will be considered final.