RTA launches field inspections for heavy vehicles using drones


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has rolled out field inspections for heavy trucks using drones.

According to Dubai’s transport authority, the initiative will help inspect parts of heavy vehicles that are difficult to access otherwise.

The RTA has trained nine officials, who are now accredited by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to act as Drone Operators.

Using AI solutions, more than 300 inspections were carried out, 580 minutes were recorded via drones and 48 offences were reported in the last year.

“The main offences listed in this regard are unlicensed protruding cargo, failure to cover the cargo as per the approved stipulations, use of the heavy vehicle in loading and transporting cargo not designated to that type of vehicles, failure to distribute the cargo properly, failure to secure the cargo or loading the cargo in a way that constitutes risks to others or damages the road, monitor trucks with technical faults (such as body erosion), and report trucks avoiding inspection points,” said Mohammed Nabhan, Director of Licensing Activities Monitoring, Licensing Agency, RTA.

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