UAE unveils 10-year 'Blue Residency' for sustainability heroes

Dubai Media Office

The UAE has announced a long-term residency scheme for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to environmental protection, sustainability, circular economy and related areas.

The 10-year scheme called 'Blue Residency' was approved during a federal cabinet meeting, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The cabinet also approved a new system for classifying higher education institutions in the country, which will take into account factors such as the institution's quality of education, strength of scientific research and the employability of their graduates.

During its latest meeting, the cabinet also announced other crucial decisions related to education, economy, community and space sectors.

These include the National Youth Agenda 2031, focused on five key pillars: economic empowerment of youth, developing their scientific skills, consolidating national identity, enhancing their community contributions, and activating their role in representing their country internationally.

It was also decided that all major federal entities will have a Chief Executive Officer for Artificial Intelligence as part of efforts to accelerate the use of AI in the government.

Blue Residency for sustainability experts

It's the first long-term residency for individuals with exceptional contributions and efforts in the field of environment action and sustainability both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

The Blue Residency aims to amplify and maintain the UAE's efforts in sustainability and goes in line with the directives of the UAE President to extend the initiative of the Year of Sustainability of 2023 to include the year 2024.

The residency will specifically be granted to supporters of environmental action, including members of international organisations, international companies, members of associations and non-governmental organisations, global award winners, and distinguished activists and researchers in environmental work.

Sustainability advocates and experts who are interested in the UAE Blue Residency are invited to submit their applications directly through the services of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, or through nominations by competent authorities.

Priority in federal government jobs to Emirati applicants with 3 years of experience in the private sector

The Cabinet approved a decision giving priority in appointments in federal government jobs to citizens who have worked in the private sector for at least three years.

Experience in the private sector will be added as one of the items to be relied upon when appointing an employee to a federal entity.

The decision aims to consolidate the federal government sector by integrating national expertise from the private sector, thereby enriching the variety and diversity of knowledge within government entities.

Higher Committee for combating commercial fraud

The Cabinet approved a decision to establish the Higher Committee for Combating Commercial Fraud, chaired by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy.

This committee is tasked with updating anti-fraud policies, fostering coordination among relevant authorities, enhancing international cooperation, and promoting awareness programmes to protect consumers and businesses from commercial fraud.

Regulating cold calls

The Cabinet approved a decision that aims to regulate marketing calls (cold calling) to ensure consumer privacy and comfort.

This includes setting specific guidelines for telemarketing practices, establishing compliance obligations for companies, and setting penalties for violations.

The resolution also facilitates effective coordination between federal and local authorities to enforce these regulations optimally.


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